Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit
Professional Teeth Whitening Kit


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Professional Teeth Whitening Kit


Whiten your teeth like a pro in the comfort of your own home. Prepping for the party entrance, your special wedding day or just because you gotta treat yo’self. Simply White Kits makes it super simple to achieve a dazzling smile.

The Professional Teeth Whitening System from SWK contains everything you need to safely and effectively whiten your teeth at home. With easy to follow 3-step instructions, you’ll be showing off those sparkly whites in no time.


What Makes SWK the Best?

Positives of the product


Unique Design Saves Time

The Simply White Kits mouth tray is uniquely designed to pop straight into your mouth. We’ve made our products super simple to use, coz ain’t nobody got time to fuss around with pre-moulding.

Sparkly Results

Achieve 6-10 shades brighter, within only 3 applications. Our kits use 6% HP (hydrogen peroxide), the highest legal grade in Australia, and a brighter LED light to deliver you results effectively and quickly. 


How to Use Simply White Kits

Whiten your teeth in 3 simple steps. Check out the instructional video here:



- 1x White 6 bulb LED Light (Batteries Included)

- 4x 3ml Whitening Gel (6% hydrogen peroxide)

- 1x Duplex Mouthguard Tray

- 1x Colour Shade Chart

- 1x Custom Manual Chart